Life is Beautiful, Razzle It Up with Healthy Delightful Memories​

Welcome to RazzleberrieZ

RazzleberrieZ brings you the finest line of premium frozen yogurts in a uplifting modern comfortable atmosphere.
We present you unlimited possibilities with a refreshing selection of frozen yogurts with added benefits such as probiotics, calcium, protein, live and active cultures. All this plus low calorie, fat-free, dairy-free and no-sugar-added choices. You can let your creativity loose with a beyond-your-dreams selection of 70+ toppings like fresh fruits, healthy granola, trendy Mochi, dreamy chocolates, Ghirardelli Syrups and many more.
With Tons of Choices to add to your Swirly Creations, you can...RAZZLE IT UP ...
Yogurt Toppings - Desserts in Glendale AZ